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CAPTAINS - Please note that the Beach Pub has closed.

Both Ladies and Mens teams will be playing at No.9 as the emergency venue



The Red Arrows, being unable to field a team for three of the five games so far this season, the Chaiman has withdrawn them from the League.

All points will be void and games will now become a bye.



Result cards are pink this season - yellow cards will not be accepted.

The reason for the change in colour is sponsorship. It is unfair on each season's sponsor if older cards are being used, (we even get summer league and pool league cards). Each captain has been sent a supply of the new cards and should you need more please contact Tracey who can supply you with more.

By now using a different colour each season we can ensure that the current sponsor is being advertised.



Please note coaching is not allowed during matches.  Team members should not be standing next to other players telling them what to aim for or calling out scores and definitely not stopping players during their throw.  Complaints have been increasing over the previous couple of seasons.  If players are unsure of what they have scored or what score is left it is their own responsibility to ask the caller who will be able to tell them.  The called is also not allowed to tell players what to go for.  Opposing players find it frustrating and unsporting.  Comments of ‘it’s only a game’ does not apply to the majority of players.










Also if you have an EX postcode and quote ref. Exmouth15 you will receive a 15% discount from Red Dragon Dart Supplies.